Saturday, November 06, 2010

On youtube I see a lot of guru's talking about lush products such as soaps and things like that.. but I really never thought anything of it. On Monday, my boyfriend and I went to Emeryville which was 15 minutes away from oakland and went to the outdoor shopping center on bay street. We just went there to shop around and look at a few things.. on our way back to the parking garage, we ran into the store LUSH. I said in my head.. this shop sounds familiar.. So we went in to go check it out.

They had a lot of hand made soaps shampoos face washes face masks.. etc. It just seemed really cool inside!! My boyfriend was even liking it in there! The guy working there was very helpful and very entertaining. He was showing us how the bath bombs worked and those things looked super cool! My boyfriend Got a bath bomb. So my boyfriend and I were just roaming around the store looking at these new things we've never encountered before. Since the store was slow they guy let us have a mini hand spa. We first rubbed our cuticles with this lotion-like thing, then we used the ocean scrub and washed our hands. After washing our hand we used the dream cream then the silky underwear and BAM! our hands felt sooo darn soft! I'm glad my boyfriend had fun in that store! LOL!!





Things we bought. I got the Dream Cream, Ultra Bland (makeup remover wash), Ocean Salt and my boyfriend got a bath bomb. The 3 small rectangles are soap samples.


This bathbomb is used when u have a sore body

Ocean Salt used for exfoliating to face and body

ULTRA BLAND.. reminds me of ponds cold cream

Dream Cream

On every container it shows a picture of who made it, when they made it, and the expiration. I thought this was so cool


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