Joel Osteen

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Has anyone heard of him or seen him on T.V?! He is amazing!! I knew of him because of my mom. We're Catholic, but my mom attends this little bible study at my Aunt's house who's Christian, and going to that bible study has truly enlightened my mom. My aunt told her about Joel Osteen and so my mom bought some of his CD's and started listening to all the advice he has to offer. He most definitely changed my mom's perspective in life! She's doesn't get angry as often as she use to be and she much more understanding. My Dad has even gotten into it and his faith has increased soo much. It's really great, and God is really great..

Anyways, Joel Osteen came to Sacramento today, (well technically yesterday since it's 2am now..) and my family, my boyfriend and I went to go watch him. He's is just as amazing as he is in T.V. His words are so inspirational. What I love the most is that he doesn't force anyone to donate money like all the other priest or pastures do. I really hate when they force people for money, even if they say it's a donation. Joel is really really humble.. and his words are really deep. It was a great experience.

My boyfriend came, and i was surprise.. he never really wants to come along when there's any sort of religious thing going on.. and he liked it. He watches Joel on T.V once and a while and it really made me happy that he enjoyed it.

I was never really into my whole religion when I was younger.. I went to church every Sunday.. but I never really pray for anything. To be honest at one point, I felt like I didn't even like my religion. I just didn't agree with some of the rules and how they would look down upon Gays. I think that's plain wrong. But I believe that in God's eyes, everyone has their flaws, and God will love us regardless of what we do, we just have to ask for forgiveness. I started praying after my family and i got into a really bad car accident, and that's what got me closer to God. I would pray every night and thank the Lord that I'm still alive and that my family is still healthy. The power of prayer really works, and I do believe in it. You just have to keep praying and praying, and God will answer your prayers if it's part of his plan. Yes, we get disappointed sometimes because our prayers don't get answered, but maybe God wants us to take a different route.. to make us realize things. We all have a purpose in life that's why we are here on this earth. God already has our lives planned out for us, and therefore we must trust him fully, and he will be the one to take care of us.

The Freeway behind us.. after we exited.. long traffic heading to Arco Arena.









I need to read and listen to his CD's more.. I think it'll help me a lot in life.. especially with my patience.. and understanding with different situations..

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