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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Came home from Oakland today after my morning classes. I didn't feel like going to my night class which was just to attend an author speaking in SF. So i decided to come home early since traffic didn't hit yet.
I was super hungry so after depositing a check, I headed over to Wendy's to get a spicy chicken Caesar. I did not know they started selling salad's in half portions, which is a good thing since It's sorta hard for me to finish the full sized one. After waiting for my boyfriend to get done with things he had to do, we headed to get caramel apples and then to michaels. After michael's we went to walmart so I can get some floor mats, steering wheel cover, and seat covers. I didn't find seat covers I liked but I did get floor mats and a steering wheel cover. Unfortunately the steering wheel cover was a little too big, so I'm going to return that tomorrow. I'm going to try autozone for seat covers and steering wheel covers. Afterwards, we went to get some Pho, at our favorite Pho place. I've probably mentioned this place so many times in my past blog. Mama's Pho. And that's how we ended our night.








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