Day 9: A place you went today

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I actually went to several places today. First I went to Ulta for my hair appointment. Then, to the Valley Lexus and afterward the fruit stand in Modesto, on our way home.





Lol, my Dad was amazed by this pumpkin. He was all inspecting it and saying how did it turn out like this? LOL!


We bought some white nectarines and corn.. mm I love white nectarines!! So sweet!!


The fruit stand.We went to this exact same fruit stand after our first time trying to attempt to buy the white Lexus. Now, were standing at this very same fruit stand with it. My mom remembers that time when we were all bummed out.. and now we were totally in a different mood. My parents were just so thrilled to be able to purchase this car. You can especially see it in my Dad. My Dad doesn't really show a lot of emotions, but when he's excited and happy, oh boye, you know he's in a good mood. He was really happy! I cannot thank my lovely parents enough, and I know my schooling will pay off, and I will most definitely pay them back for everything!! I love you Mom & Dad and God, for making all this possible.. We really thought back then we had no hope.. especially with the economy.. but we all prayed.. and we left it all to God to make the decision. Man, my parents really deserve everything.. there my motivation in life and in school.

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