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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kay! So you all know the many posts I posted up about me being stressed and everything about taking the exam called the "TEAS" b/c I failed it once and had only one more try to pass it. This is basically the ENTRANCE EXAM for the nursing school. I'm already in the nursing program.. however, it's just pre-req classes and things like that, and then i'm ready to transfer to the nursing school!

Okay, anyways.. about the TEAS.. I took it today as my last TRY, and guess whaaattt!! I PASSED! I got a pretty good score on it too! I'm just so happy I got that over with!! Man, God is soo GOOD! I put my whole trust and faith into him.. and everything just came together as he planned it to be. One strange but GOOD thing about what happened today during my exam, was that the website we were taking the exam in had GLITCHES! Meaning that there were errors and the server wasn't acting right.. So, on most parts of the test It would have us start all over n re-do the questions.. which was sort of annoying.. but the great part is that it gave us more time!! TIME is really precious during that exam.. and I not once ran out of time. LOL!!

On the other hand... I have a Physio test to study for on MONDAY! DARN never-ending stress this week-end. grrr!!!! I need to pass Physio with a B- in order to go on to the nursing program.. that's another catch.. aHH! anyways.. after I post a few blog posts ima get to studying! NAWWMSAyIn'!

Thank you all for those who supported me and prayed for me :D you all are the BEST!

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