Loreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I went over to my local target to pick up the Loreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour. I wanted to initally get the color in Beyonce, which is the red color, but it was out of stock :/ Instead, I got the one in Cerise & Linda's Beige. Each of these lipglosses were $9, which is not bad considering that they last super long on your lips!!!

I haven't actually tried wearing them for a full day yet, but after I applied it on, i kept rubbing my lips and the color would not come off. That was just amazing to me! But read the instructions before you use it. Make sure your lips are free from any kind of moisture and are just clean and bare. No lip liner needed either. The tip of the brush is pretty pointy which allows for precision when applying the gloss. After waiting for 2 minutes for the product to dry, you can either apply another coat for extra color, or put on the gloss. The gloss totally tops it off. That's when the moisture and shine comes in. Before the gloss, it feels sticky n dry.






Tissue testing..

Nothing at all! I swear to u!

I used this to remove the lipgloss.. it says to use an oil-based makeup remover.. idk if the was oil base but it worked. lol


With this color, it looked rather dark pinkish.. The container looked bright red.. so I was a bit disappointed with the color b/c it did not match the gloss container.. oh well, it's not a bad color, it just wasn't the color I was expecting.


Overall, I think these glosses are must have! Esp. for special occasions where you'll be occupied for the rest of the day. You won't even need to touch up with your lips! Which is a cool thing!

Aside from these glosses I purchased a lip moisturized by neutrogena.

My lips get really chapped.. like extremely chapped.. ughh I hate it. So I wanted to try this out. I was going to get the over night moisture one.. but I'm thinking about getting that next time..

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