Sunday, September 05, 2010

Class was canceled last Wednesday, and it was perfect timing too b/c Manang Gina which is my older cousin invited me to have dinner with her and her husband in Oakland. They bother lived in Oakland for about 3 years I think? So, they just wanted to take me out and show me places that were good and stuff. I've been in Oakland for like 2 years now b/c of college, and I have yet to actually explore the place. Usually too busy.. or didnt know where things were and just ventured out to Emeryville or Berkeley.

So they picked me up and took me to a little mom and pop shop restaurant called the Venetian Cafe. That restaurant was just right down the street from where I LIVE! It was so near! It's a little restaurant they've been going to for a while. The restaurant is a Laos, Thai & Vietnamese restaurant. My cousin just warned me not to come there by myself or at night time by myself.. yikes.. It was a really good place for authentic food! mmmm!! La la la love it! My cousin and he husband now live in Fremont, and they say they come all the way back to Oakland just to go there.

Afterwards they took me around Lake Merritt which was just GORGEOUS! and downtown Oakland. I was so pissed that I forgot my camera back at home!!! >:(. We went at night time and all the lights were up and there was also a GONDOLA ride.. heheh that was cute!! We walked around Jack London Square. There were a lot of nice places in Oakland that i've never thought would be there. You just have to explore and keep an open mind. There were showing me a ton of great restaurants.  Here are a few pictures from my iphone.. :/ lol yeahh.. my iphone.....

Here was some of our food. That fried rice thing.. i forgot what it was called was super bombing! you wrap it up in a lettuce leaf. The papaya salad was good to, however it was hella damn spicy!

It's an official Cannabis college! There were also few stores and cafes around the area where you can purchase Marijuana legally, with a card of course.

Jack London Square The marina

House of Chicken and Waffles
I most def need to try this place. i heard it was good! 

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