Saturday, September 11, 2010

CPR certified, girl i gotchu! lol!

This morning I attended a CPR class for health care providers in San Ramon. It's a requirement for transferring over to the nursing school in the Spring, and therefore I had to get it done b/c all the forms and everything are due in October. I don't understand why they won't let us do it the semester that we transfer b/c it expires in 2 years.. and I'm going to have to renew in my last semester there.. :/

Anyhoo, the place I went to was HEARTSTART CPR. link is HEARTSTARTCPR.NET
I left pretty early from Oakland b/c i didn't know if there was going to be traffic on the way.. So I left around 7:45am ish and got there around 8:20. LOL! the class started at 9. It was rather tricky finding this place bc you have to really go in the street to find it.. but It wasn't too bad. The class wasn't actually as long as i thought it would be. we started around 9:10 and it ended around 11:50.

The instructor, whose name is David, was really great. He was humorous and made the class go by really quickly. That's a plus for me b/c I like things that are straight to the point and important things we needed to know. After watching a few videos and practicing along with the videos with the dummies, we then took the test. It was a 20 questions test which wasn't too hard and we were allowed to only miss 3. However, we correct the test at the end and we can change our answers. To him, he said the test doesn't really matter, but what does matter is the skills part. As long as he saw us doing the procedures, that's all that matters. Then after the class we instantly received our cards, which was so convenient! I think there was only seven of us who attended that day, and I was the youngest one.. lol!! It was pretty interesting and fun, then I headed back home to Stockton.

(I really recommend this class b/c they were very nice and it wasn't boring at all.. the class went by pretty quickly and we got out cards that same day. price is $60)

I was so happy to come back home.. I got to see my boyfriend :D that really made my day, and made me more relaxed. Seeing him after a stressful week is so relaxing!! Next week is going to be even more stressful and I wont be home until Saturday which is the day of my Teas.. -__- so scared.. we'll see..

My boyfriend and I just hung out and bout some food lol! Sonics, Wendy's, Mcdonalds sweet tea, you know all the unhealthy things! and we napped together afterwards.. Which felt really really nice :D I love him terribly much! After we woke up from our nap, all of a sudden all the electricity went out! it was around 9:30pm ish. It was out for a good 2 hours and went back on around 11:15 i think? I was just glad the toiled did not require any electricity! This makes me really want to consider getting SOLAR POWER!! It's eco friendly, and you wouldn't be stuck in a situation like that.

And I dropped my boyfriend off and that was basically the rest of the night!! here are some pictures..

Foot long coney, happy hour drinks: Blue powerade & strawberry limeade


Chili & 99cent Spicy Chicken Nuggets.


Taking pictures of him during the "black out"

Street lights came back on

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