Monday, September 27, 2010

I had a hair appointment on Saturday at 10 over at ULTA. My first time going to the new ULTA at my place, and the first time ever going to their salon. I decided to get my hair dyed.. i was aiming for an ash brown.. but it didn't turn out really ash.. sorta a chocolaty brown, which i am certainly okay with. The lady who did my hair was really nice. Her name is Ruby. She tried to cancel out the redness without using bleach by using a green ash and a blue ash i think.. lol. but she said if any brassiness starts to show up, she'll fix it up for me for free! I'm definitely going back to her when my roots grow back!! I also tamed myself really well when at ulta. I only paid for my hair appointment and a chapstick! that's it! I was hella tempted to buy a lot of other things.. but I needed to save money.. lol.. such a good girl that day.

Pretty color eh?


She blow dried my hair with a round brush and it looked really good.

Check out the bags underneath my eyes.. only had 3 hours of sleep and woke up for my hair appt.

lol kisses on the shoulder..



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