Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Okay so for the samples..

pigment samples.. some samples are more high demand than others and therefore if your receive a smaller amount than in the picture, it is probably because you are getting the last bit of the product. However if you order from a sample that isnt on high demand i will definitely give u almost a full load.

PAINT POTS! for each paint pot is like $16.50.. so what I do with the paint pots, I would slice the paint into five pieces. or maybe less, depending on how much product is left. And i distribute them in each container. So if, you get a small bit, again it may because you may have gotten the last bit of it. I'm sorry if u did.

I ACTUALLY GOT SCAMMED for one of the full products i sold. A person said they got a empty envelope. And I KNOW FOR DARN SURE THAT ENVELOPE WASNT EMPTY! I tried to talk to this person but didnt even email me back.

If your not interested in these products please just don't buy or don't complain about what you get. i try my best to pack it to the picture but sometimes there's not enough product!

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