Once you go black, you never go back.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

nah i'm kiddin. I have a black lexus IS350 that has ended it's lease after 4 years. After the 4 years, you can either pay it off, or get a different car and get a lease on that one. My plan was to get the same Lexus IS350 but in white.. I hecka love the white color! It's just so fresh and so clean clean! don't get me wrong, I love my black lexy to death! We've been through it all!

I came to the dealership with my parents today.. with little hope of getting the white IS350.. it was the only one there.. the rest are 250's. I had little hope.. because I knew the economy was bad.. & I didn't want to feel all bratty and whine about getting that car. It was just comforting to know that there was a possibility. However, once they were processing my parent's credit, I asked my parents if they were gonna take my car away if it get's approved they said yes. And I started to miss my car. But looking at that damn sexy white color was just blowing me away.. Unfortunately.. my parents credit scores weren't as high as they were when we first bought my car.. so the monthly payment and down payments would increase.. which was not a great thing..

The salesman, which is the same guy that sold us the my first car, kept insisting i get an IS250. I don't want to be all snotty and stuff, but once I get the higher end line, why the heck would i want to down-grade? Again, not to sound all stuck up.. but I just want to choose wisely. And My wise choice was to get that same IS350 but in WHITE! So.. I guess he wanted to make commission and all and kept telling me to get it.. and wanted me test drive it.. I did test drive it.. and It didn't have that nice speed or power that my car has. I don't know i'm use to my car, and how fast it goes amazes me. I don't want to down-grade it.. Idk if y'all understand.. some of you are probably thinking im hella snotty and spoiled.. but whatever..

Basically if i get the 250, I wont be as happy as with my 350. simple as that. My mom knew the look on my face and told the salesman.. "I can see the look on her face, and she doesn't like it.." LOL.. I mean it looks exactly the same and all.. but I wasn't feeling it.. I guess we have until November to make a decision.. Either to keep the car that I have now, or Hope that our credit will be better and get the new one.. honestly, I was a bit sad.. I really was.. but there's nothing we can do about it, and I completely understood that.

I know my parents were trying to cheer me up in the car too.. My Dad was like.. it's okay.. we'll go shopping around.. if they won't give us a deal we'll tell them we're gonna go to another dealership.. and My Mom said, "nothing is impossible with God." She kept saying.. watch.. nobody is going to want to buy from them because the economy is bad.. and they're going to give us a call and you'll get your dream car.. (even though my dream car is and ISF or a Lexus LFA LOL! ). But that was sweet of them to try and cheer me up. I know life is hard right now, and you cant always get what you want.
ahh.. it okay.. whatevs..

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