Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm not trying to be rude or talk shit but maybe you need to hear this: Yes, you are completely spoiled! if you didn't get this car you wanted, it wasn't meant to be. Try earning it ON YOUR OWN rather then making your parents get it for you & making them pay for it for you. Do you even have a job? do you have any income of your own (thats not your parents)? Why don't you use your own credit? rather then rely on them? its time to grow up and handle your own affairs.

Okay, I even said you can't always get what you want and I understand that. I know it's not meant to be. The reason why I don't have a job, is because my parents wont let me. They tell me to focus on school first and i have 2 years and a half left, and after that i'll start paying for them and everything else.

Geez its not that i'm trying to be spoiled and shit.. but I was raised like that. I know in the end I will cater to my parent's every need like they did for my brother and I. My credit isn't even built up yet. My parent's want me to be fully committed to school right now, because they don't want me to struggle like they did. Is it my fault they want me to do that? And I know I take advantage of them at times, but believe me, I do a whole lot for them. My mom owns her own care homes, and I do a bunch of paper works and type things, drive her patients around and her staff, for her whenever she's busy. I love them to death, and I do feel bad that I can't really help them financially right now, but I sure will after I graduate from college. All they want me to do is finish school, and that's their primary concern. I don't even try and ask for money from her, and that's why i'm trying to sell my makeup so I can have my own allowance to spend rather than spend my parents. But whatever.. you probably still don't get it.

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