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Thursday, August 05, 2010

After getting my hair dyed and all that, my hair is not as healthy as it use to be without dye. So, I got a few products for my hair.. DEEP CONDITIONING IS SUPER IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bought these products at Sally's! LOVE EM BOTH!
Careful with the coloresse heat protection  though, first time i used it, i went crazy and sprayed hecka on my hair and ended up looking oily, but it didnt feel oily. I guess it was part of the shine it produces. However, makes my hair feel soft and smelling good! LOL

As for the deep conditioner! MUST HAVE! used it on my family trip for 3 days straight and my hair seemed almost back to normal!
ION: $8.39

I purchased these products at my salon. I got the K-pak shampoo and conditioner, both together is $35. It's for dry damaged hair & it's colorsafe.
Next product I got from the K-PAK line is the deep penetrating reconstructor. $45 <~ expensive! but i remember pursebuzz talking about this a long time ago.. and i've been wanting to get it for the longest.. The small bottle is $15 dollars I think.. and everytime i'd go to my salon.. i'd be like. nahh.. too expensive. THEN, after I dyed my hair, i was desperate and got the huge bottle! LOL!


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