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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I recently transferred from kaiser to blue cross insurance. I now go to a clinic nearby my house. The clinic is very new and nice inside.. but I do miss kaiser more. I mean, i've been to the kaiser clinic ever since i was born. But, my dad's work wouldn't allow for kaiser insurance anymore because it was to expensive.. so they moved us to blue cross..

My initial reaction was sadness.. I had really great doctors over at kaiser.. My very own doctor, a dermatologist, and a gynecologist. They were all really understanding and their online site was great. I can just email my doctors without having to go in and visit them and have COPAY OF $30!! ugh.. I hate Co-payments.. sometimes i feel like it's a waste of money. But anyways.. they were really nice and understanding and they seem to know more than the people at my new clinic which is sutter gould.

I first visited my obgyn at my new clinic.. and she seemed alright.. but she said somethings that weren't suppose to be said. Like she's suppose to keep her own beliefs to herself. IDK.. I just liked my OBGYN at kaiser a lot better. She's super nice and very understanding.

My Family Doctor.. he seemed cool.. but when I told him about the Vitiligo [the skin disorder that michael jackson had] he said there was no cure for it and not treatment is needed for it. HOWEVER, my Dermatologist at kaiser gave me Elidel cream which can make the vitiligo go away if it's only covering a small amount of area. And the cream did help!!!

Then lastly, today I went to go visit my dermatologist. I was suppose to see this Dr. who was a really good dermatologist, but unfortunately.. I would have to wait a month or 2 to schedule an appointment with him because he's busy.. So they lead me to a Dr. that was working aside from him.. I went to go visit the dermatologist mainly because of that ugly scar on my back. He was giving me a list of options.. and then said that there would be risks involved that another keloid scar might form in that same area. I asked him about skin graphing.. and he said it wont look nice.. and it still has to do with cutting that area open which will be a risk of getting and even bigger keloid scar. Then there was this other thing that they did to me in kaiser called scar resurfacing? i think.. and that's when they cut the whole scar out and sew it up together.. again. another possibility of a bigger keloid scar on that spot.. ugh.. i'm torn.. he told me to think about it.. I guess ima just leave it how it is.. until they develop even better technology to get rid of such a scar..

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