Friday, July 23, 2010

Motivation.. It's getting really hard for me to actually workout every single day. When I was on the Insanity program I never missed a day!! That's why I got the results I got. Now i'm just wanting to eat everything and anything.. esp unhealthy things.. but I'm watching myself slowly gaining weight again.. I need to really focus and be determined again!! I want more results! What helps motivate me are pictures of myself when i was skinnier! LOL! Whenever I look at those pictures it makes me want to do 5000 situps and pushups and run like there's no tomorrow!!! Well ima go do Insanity Pure Cardio.. because this workout really gets my heart out of my chest and it doesnt feel long.. even though its 40 mins of "INTENSE" cardio! I know if I do this, it will all pay off in the end! NO MORE BEING LAZY!!!!

10 more LBS to go till my goal weight!! I want to be 115!! TONED!!!

in this pic i was 112.. this was back in summer of '08
0517-1908 005

0517-1908 031

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