Friday, July 24, 2009

It's been a while since i've been updating my blogger.. Lately I've found things to keep me busy so that I wouldn't be home most of the time. Most of these things mainly consists of exercising. I've been forcing myself to get up every morning to go to the gym. I also have a new gym partner to go with which is my niece. She's sucha good sport.. and she can keep up with the work outs better than I do. lol.. 

Lately we've been training with a personal trainer. And let me tell you.. they really work you out! Yesterday my arms were sorer than EVER! then the next day he worked out mainly on our legs.. And DAMN!! I can feel it today! My butt is so sore.. as well as my thighs! ALSO, did you guys know that doing CARDIO can increase your body fat?! YAH! I was like wtf?! Our trainer explained to us how that happened but i dont know how to put it into words.. anyways.. Before a personal trainer helped us.. all me and my niece were doing is a bunch of cardio.. cuz we wanted to lose weight. But our trainer explained to us that we were doing it all wrong. You have to build muscle first then you can burn off the fat.. something like that.. i'll let you guys know once i get a clearer explanation of it. But yea.. that's all i knew.. I thought cardio will make you lose weight.. but you gotta do some weight training to balance everything out and nutrition.. 

anyways.. enough babbling about the gym. but that's what i've been doing lately. Nothing makeup related except for that tart multipleye lash enhancer thingy.  I have a few cons regarding the Tarte Lash Enhancer..
- It burns my skin whenever I apply it on my lashline.. it lasts for about a good 2 minutes and it fades away..
- It has a funky odor to it.. i guess with it being organic and everything.. idk tho..

Nothing else.. all i need to see is some results!

Well school is about to be around the corner anytime now.. And I have to move into my apartment soon because the week before school starts my mom planned a vacation to Hawaii.. we come back 2 days before my class starts! damn.. Ima still feel like im on vacation.. we'll see how it goes.. KAY TOOTLES! 

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