Jon & Kate..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Damn.. Did you all happen to watch the season premiere yesterday? It's rather sad.. It seems like there going to split up.. ughh damn.. How depressing... I wonder how the rest of the shows will be.. They weren't even sitting on the same couch most of the time. They were also asked what the status was between them.. and they were so unsure! I'm so anxious.. I want to know what's going on..

Anywhoo.. My boyfriend and I went to the Roseville Galleria today so that I can check out how the speedy 30 looks on me. To be honest.. It was a bit small for my taste and the lady working there even said I looked good with the 35 and that the 30 looks a bit small on me. So, after all this debating, I'm keeping the 35. But for sure my next purchase will be the speedy 30 in monogram canvas. :D. This was also my first time going to this small and It kind of looks dead on alike with the San Jose Westfield mall.. well there almost both the same thing since it was called Westfield Galleria. But I like it because it's a lot closer to my house and they also have a RED MANGO. hahah! I was going to get some but damn they ran out of original tart b/c they ordered the wrong batch. ughh! I was pissed but its watev.. Afterward my booboo and I went to Nordstrom Rack to shop and all that stuff.. But he did most of the shopping I bought nothing.. I'm trying to control myself and my Bad habits! It's getting way out of control! lol. Yea that basically was my day today..

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