Finally done with freshman year of college!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Damn, that went by pretty fast..

I took my last finals early this morning. (Tues.. it 3:12 am WED right now..) it was chemistry. I hope I did okay.. or good enough for the class to pass with at least a B. Also, on Monday, I had my communications final and I had to present a speech. I think I did a much better job this time and my professor really liked it and said it was the best speech of the night. I talked about little manila, which is an area where I live where most of the Filipinos lived at one point in time. It was a very interesting topic.

Oh yea.. lol and last Friday we had an ISAC final and the night before, the girls and I decided that we would take a "FEW" shots to celebrate our Bio finals that day. However, we did have another final the next day, but we said a few shots won't get us fucked up. So we started off with a "FEW" (3) shots.. and it led to hella more after that. Next thing you know we were really drunk and two of my friends both threw up and my friend Janelle and I were taking care of them while still drunk as hell. My head was still spinning and the next day I woke up with a fat ass hangover! I took my ISAC finals with a fat ass hang over.. and I didnt remember any material we studied the night before. Upon taking the test, I had a big fat headache, and I kept feeling like I had to throw up.. So I tried my best to hurry up and finish the test quickly because I really wasn't feeling well. We also had to write an essay at the end which took quite a while. Then I check online for my score, and I got an 89% and an A in the class! Damn i'm good! lol. i dont know how the hell I got an 89.. I barely knew the material! hahaah.. geez.. memories..

Anyways I have a lot of updating to do and a lot of pictures I would like to share. Last Saturday I attended a friend's wedding and I have pictures :D. so stay tuned!!!

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