Finally the internet works here..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There wasn't any internet connection here at my school for 3 days. Talk about internet deprivation.. lol.. It was pretty boring the past day but it encouraged me to get my homework done without going on the internet. Which can also be a good thing. Well here's another post of an update on my acne Regimen. This will the be my 2nd week and I was getting a bit impatient because I want it to work overnight. nonetheless, it will most definitely benefit me in the future.. so I have to remain patient and have positive thoughts about it. I had a few breakout here and there, but nothing really big as I have stated on my last post. But it's likely to a appear during the process of it about the first few weeks. So here's week 2.

Week 2 one the regimen.

On sunday my boyfriend and I baked a funfetti cake! I bought the cake mix at target for 89 cents and the funfetti filling for like a dollar something.

Here's my boyfriend's half of the cake. It was hecka good.. mmh.. I want some more. Unfortunately, my half of the cake was eaten by ANTS! dammn ant.. I hate you. your everywhere!!! ugh!!.. I was pissed. But whatever I wanna make cupcakes with these again.

In the meantime, be safe ppl and hope for rain! lol. and GOD BLESS AMERICA.. & Obama. peace!

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