Birthday Party

Monday, July 14, 2008

My debut went pretty well. It was better than I thought! Soo much stress was brought upon this event, yet it was soo worth it! It was very memorable. And i just want to thank my manang Rowena for helping me put all of this together. Knowing that we only had a month to prepare, we succeeded and made this party happen.

I'll miss my court and our practices.. Every practice was stressful yet fun. As I look back on it.. We had a lot of fun. I'd like to thank My niece Junalynn for letting us use her large front yard. I felt like we all got a lot closer during every practices. Now that everything is over and done with, I hope everything will remain the same.. I'll miss you guys!!

I got my hair done at the salon and it was $35. The lady did a very good job. Although my hair was short, she was able to manage an updo for me. The look turned out nice.
After, I got my makeup done at the mac counter. I made an appt., and when I arrived, they didn't even have me marked down!! So the lady did my make up and she didn't charge me for anything. And she even used lashes on me.. i think they were number 33? love them! it looks very natural. i asked for a natural look, and i believe she used one of the new lines of mineralize eye shadow. The look went well.

I just can't wait for all the pictures to be developed. I received some great gifts from everyone! My 18 treasurers were very creative with their presents! Everything went well, and it was worth stressing over! At first, I didn't even want this, but I when I get older, I'll look back to something worth remembering. You only turn 18 once!

My mom got us a suite for the night.. and we all had a big slumber party. It was pretty fun. I wish I can relive that day again. So many tears were shed.. I've never cried so much in one day.
I'll talk about it more in depth later on. But here are some pictures of after the event, when we begin to dance .. and all that.

071208 my debut 089

071208 my debut 081

071208 my debut 080

071208 my debut 071

071208 my debut 070

071208 my debut 069

071208 my debut 068

071208 my debut 064

071208 my debut 054

071208 my debut 056

071208 my debut 052

071208 my debut 019

071208 my debut 015

071208 my debut 014

071208 my debut 010

071208 my debut 011

071208 my debut 009

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