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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Here are some old hauls that I wanted to share with everyone. I was just bored and I thought I needed to update on my blogspot. So here are the updates! :D

I bought two mineralize foundation from mac. One in Medium Dark & Medium plus. I bought Medium plus first and I thought since summer is coming up, I'll get one that a darker tone. So I got medium dark. I'm debating on getting Medium. I think I will.. I just want to mix the colors around and cook up a perfect color for my skin tone. So far this spring my tone is a medium plus. It's kind of off by a different color, but it looks fine.

I compared the two mineralize foundation to the Bare mineral foundation in medium beige.

Just thought I'd do a hand swatch. not much of a difference eh?

I am more of the medium beige color. If only they had that color in MAC. but Medium plus is fine.

Next is a comparison between my setting powders for my foundation. I have Blot powder in MEDIUM DARK, Select Sheer in NC 30 & Iridescent loose in SILVER DUSK.

Here are my hand swatches.

Container view

Outside appearnce

I've been using the blot powder in medium dark to set my foundation. It works pretty well. and It calms the oily parts on my T-zone, which is good. But it doesn't last all day. I haven't actually tried the select sheer loose powder on a daily basis. But it seems really good. It goes on pretty silky, which I like :). i love the silkiness. The Iridescent loose powder in silver dusk just adds shimmer to my foundation which can change into a dewy look.

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