Happy Birthday Manong Eric!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Today is my oldest brothers birthday. He turned 23 today! YAY. I always wanted to meet him. He passed away when he was four because he had leukemia. How depressing for my parents. So I never got to meet him. All that's left is my brother and I. My brother is off to college so it's just me at the house.

My mom witnessed something today when visiting my brothers grave. Every single time my family and I would go visit him, we would always say something about his picture on his grave. The picture seems like there's dirt deteriorating the picture from the inside of the glass. And every time my dad would try to scrape the outside of it, because you couldn't take the picture out from the glass. So we figured that we couldn't do anything about it since it was from the inside. His picture was slowly fading away.
Then when my mom dropped by to give him flowers and balloons, she and my aunt witnessed two things.. They were there, and they smelt something so good that just passed them quickly for a mere second. Then as my mom was placing the flowers and the balloons she noticed something about his picture. She jumped up to my aunt and said.. "Look! My sons picture is so clear" As if it was new and nothing happened to it. She was so surprised. I was surprised when she told me this, I couldn't believe it. This was something miraculous. Happy birthday manong Eric, I love you! 

I haven't had time to go visit him, but I will soon.

Today, I got my eyes checked by the doctor. My eyes got worse from the first visit, there for i'm getting new prescriptions and NEW GLASSES! woohoo. they are soo cute! I will definitely wear these. The doctor also noticed that there was dryness to my eye and redness more on my left eye so he gave me samples of these eye drops to cure them. he told me if my eyes were too dry, it can open a passage way for bacteria to get in. Which wouldn't be good. so yupp!

I also spent half of my day with my mom. It's amazing how busy she is with her business. I give her soo much respect and she works so hard!! Both my parents work so hard so that they can send us to college and get a good education. Now I know they day and the life of my mom. She is such a strong women. And I lover her very much!

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