Target hauls!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I went to target today and I bought a few items that I just wanted to share with you guys. It's not that exciting. I just thought I'd share it since I have nothing better to do. :)

I bought some heart shaped valentines candles at only $1
2 rimmel soft kohl kajal eye pencil in: Jungle green & Loveable lilac. These colors are beautiful. I love the Jungle green, it looks like a teal color. I plan on buying more. I have swatches of them down below.
Clearasil Ultra. I wanted to try another facial wash product out.
A nice clip by goodys
And a Sonya Kashuk mini contour blusher brush

Here are the swatches of jungle green and loveable lilac
sorry it's kind of blurry.

And I also got this Revlon mirror that lights up when you touch the base of it. I has three different lightings and you plug it into an outlet. :) it also has two side to it. A regular side and and 7x magnification side.

I got more things, but I thought it would be a waste of time putting it onto my blog. :)

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