Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh man oh man. Guess what everyone?! I GOT ACCEPTED TO THE COLLEGE I BEEN WANTING TO GO TO! HOLY NAMES UNIVERSITY! OMG... it's such a blessing! I was so excited. My mom left the envelopes outside my bathroom door. And right when I got out I saw it.. and my boyfriend called. [perfect timing or what?] I got two. One from Sac state and another one from Holy Names. I was scared to open the holy names one because I thought they didn't accept me. So I opened sac state first. I got in. Then my heart was rushing and I opened holy names! I FREAKED!!!! I FREAKING GOT ACCEPTED! AND MY BOYFRIEND WAS ON THE PHONE WITH ME! I was so surprised. I didnt even think I had a chance to get into that college. MAN!! I think my essay really got to them. It was about my accident. In story form. It's preetty good. My cousin revised it for me. Maybe my accident was really meant for me. Man. I was on a HIGH! seriously. My boyfriend was proud of me and my mom. My mom was so proud. She even cried because she didnt want me to leave her. Lol. like when my brother left for college last year.. man she would cry. SHE SHOULD BE HAPPY! but I understand. We lost our eldest brother and thats why she's over protective. Man thank you God, Thank you parents, Thank you cousins, and thank you boyfriend for supporting me. I am so fucking happy right now! I made brownies for my friends at school! and I kept running up and down the stairs! fuckk.. Im so thankful.

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