Breaking out!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

For the past few weeks I've been breaking out. I think it's because I'm so stressed with school and college applications and essays. Finally I sent my last two apps. today. What a relief. I don't want any more breakouts! is there a pimple solution? I've tried proactive before, It worked at first, then i started getting even more pimples. But maybe it's just me..

On Sunday me and my parents went to Rite Aid after church and I was looking at the face area. I always like trying new things for my face. But usually the products I get are..

Clean & Clear[deep action cream cleanser] & Clean & Clear [blackhead clearing scrub]
I started getting the other two like a few months ago. I really love the deep action cream cleanser. It makes your face feel nice and refresh and a tingly sensation while on your face and even after you rinse. I use the C&C blackhead clearing scrub in the shower and so with the deep cream cleanser. I use the oxygenating facial scrub in the morning usually or before bed. The Clearasil Blackhead control scrub like once or twice a week, because it feels like it exfoliates my face, and I heard it was bad to exfoliate it everyday. Overall the two products that I keep coming back for are the C&C Deep Action Cream Cleanser & Blackhead clearing scrub.

On to the new item that I purchased as a new member to my daily routine.

Neutrogena Cleanser/Mask. This caught my attention because I wanted to try a mask on my face and it's does two jobs. It's a daily cleanser and a mask! I used the masked today and It made my face feel soo refreshed!

By the way, does anyone know a great moisturizer that wouldn't cause pimples or oiliness to the face? I really need one. I usually use Aveno. But it doesn't have an SPF, which is a downside.
If so, Please inform me, I will be happy to try it out.

As for the other things I purchased..

Sebastian Potion 9, Clean and clear oil absorbing sheets, and the Joico K-pak reconstructor.
I bought the Sebastian potion 9 because I was thinking this was the one that Dawn from pursebuzz used and she said she liked it. But i think it was potion 5? I'm not sure, I'll have to recheck. Then I got some oil absorbing sheets which I always yet, because my face get's really oily, specially near the T-ZONE. And I got the K-PAC reconstructor conditioner, which pursebuzz uses as a leave in conditioner and she also mixes it up with the k-pak serum, which I was lookin for but didn't seem to find it.

Well thats all I have for today! take care! toodles!

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