Smokey eyes

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I did another tutorial, and it was like a smokey silverish look.

My mom and I went to target today and I bought a "LAMP"! The lighting in my room isn't that good.. and I guess it wouldn't be good for tutorials either. It's winter and there wouldn't be much sunlight as there use to be, so I got myself a lamp. It's pretty nice. It was $12 but separate from the light bulb. I got the light bulb for $3 and it was those bright ones! It said it will last me 5 years guaranteed! IT BETTER! I was going to take a picture of it but I thought that was doing too much. LOL. Although I didn't take a picture of my lamp, I took a picture of the parfait my mom bought me at McDonald's. I love their parfait esp. with the granola. I remember the parfait back in the days were much bigger than the new one. AND it had more granola!! I love the granola part! yummy!! I remember way back when I was probably 8years old or so, I use to get a #1 [a big mac meal] & 6 piece chicken nuggets. Oh man I was a FATTY! But I ate that stuff like nothing! goodness.. those were the days.. anyhoo.. Here's my tutorial, hope you guys enjoy it! Oh yea, Disney Channel was playing in the back. I love my Disney channel [maricris is probably giving me that face right now], ughh how kiddish! I just like it because It doesn't show any scary commercials, and I get scared really easily.

I didn't really do anything to my face.. because It's night time.. and I gotta be hittin up the sheets in a few hours, and I washed my face real well and put a toner on it. So I didn't want to mess with any foundation. So please pardon my pimples.. their soo ugly!

Eyes: [all mac unless stated]
Bare Study p/p
Silversmith e/s
Silver ring e/s
Cloudburst e/s
Shroom e/s
Mac prep&prime mascara
Plush lash mascara

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