Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I am so bored right now. I'm blowin' up my blogspot. Even though nothing in my blogspot isn't really interesting. I was thinking about posting old child hood pictures of my cousins and I. When I say cousins, I mostly mean Maricris. We took hella pictures together when we were younger. The funny thing is that, we weren't actually born and raised together. She came over here when she was 7 years old i think? or 8? and like she barely knew how to speak english but we connected soo quickly! It was fun she slept over and everything. Wow.. memories.. I love memories.. esp. cherishing them. Too bad I have sort of a short term memory, I think it's because of that damn car accident. Speaking of accident.. YAY WE'RE SETTLED! Well only for the minors, as for the grown ups, excluding maricris, they still have to go to trial.

Anyways, I cannot belive second 1st semester is almost done! YAY! hopefully the ladies & I will take pictures on the 22nd! Then I will have some great pictures to show everyone. I`ll also include a before and after picture of us. It's been so long since we've taken studio pictures.
I'm guessing it's been.. 4 years? LOL I have no clue. We have a new comer in our pictures too, Cheska! So be sure to look forward for our pictures.
Lol, Maricris gave me this picture of me in her camera, She and Cheska took this picture. Wow.. I look pretty lonely. Too bad my boyfriend wasn't there to hold me.. That would be a lovely picture wouldnt it? I can picture it now. Well this is our mall in Stockton. You can't really see much. We're in Macy's right now.. going down to the 1st floor after we got done hittin up the MAC stand.

Here are some more pictures/memories.
This is when Marcris My mom dad & I went on a Cruise to the bahamas,
I think it was a 3 day cruise. I'm guessing this was 5 yrs ago? I don't know

We went to this nice ass hotel called Atlantis, They said that celebrities go there when they go to the Bahamas. I heard Michael Jackson went there too.

There's the view of the hotel. There was also this waterslide in the hotel, and the slide takes you under water where the aquarium is and shoots you out. Isn't that cool? We didn't get to try it out because we stayed there not even a full day, and went back to our ship.

This Is the stair view inside our ship. The ship was pretty big, there was more to explore, but the pictures are scattered somewhere. Too lazy to find them.

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