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Monday, December 31, 2007

I've forgot about my blogspot for the past week. Therefore I havent been updating it. Sorry everyone. I also did a tutorial on a pink and purple look, but the internet on my computer is SLOW! therefore I didnt get the chance to upload my video. Once my internet will be up and ready, I will include that video. Many things have happend during these weeks. Pretty fun stuff. I have many pictures to post up, but I didnt have the chance because my internet is being dumb! ughh.. It sucks!

Today I got to hang out with my boyfriend! It was pretty fun. We gave Rocky a bath. He's a big boy now! But I still think he's a baby. Eventually he will be half my height when full grown. Well tomorrow is New Years eve, and it's going to be at Maricris' house. It's gonna be on and CRACKIN! Hopefully my baby will be able to make it. CAN YOU BELEIVE, HE'S WORKING ON THAT DAY! ugh.. work work work.
But He for sure isn't going to work on our anniversary! which will be comming up in 3
days! I cannot wait! I ordered this cute white dress from bebe, hopefully it will come in on time or else I'll be SCREWED!

Right now i'm waiting for my baby to call.. and yea, just thought I would update my blogspot. I so want to get the Originals collection, and the Sculpt and shape! but I gotta stopp spending too much cash.. soo blahhh. well ill give you and update about how my new years went. Until then, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

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