Saturday, November 24, 2007


Thanksgiving was pretty fun! My boyfriend came over for a while but later left to his own family Thanksgiving party. It was fun while it lasted!We played charades like most of the time and the whole we were mostly crackin up. Then later on Maricris & I were putting make up on Hazel Heidi & Inin. They were gorgeous!

Since black friday was the next day, and the Thanksgiving party didn't end until people started leaving which was around 1. My aunts uncles and cousins decided to spend the night at my house because it was only 4 hours until the mall opened. We all stayed up the whole entire morning and night! Goodness! It was very tiring I'd have to say. We left the house around 4:30 and headed off to the first mall, Weberstown Mall. The first store we went to was Aeropostale. The only thing I got from that mall was a longsleeve from Aeropostale. That was $21. It was half price. Then we went to the other mall and started off with Best Buy. It was soo packed over at bestbuy. Maricris & I bought a tripod for our video camera. That was only $10. Then we both headed off to the Mac over at Macy's while Inin and Cheska went to Pacsun. Over at MAC, I bought the fast response eye creme. Then we ended our day because nothing else really caught our eyes and we were soo tired. We got home around 7:45am, and I went straight to bed. Later I woke up around one and got ready so I can spend time with my baby. =D

[it aint much]
Mickey Mouse Snow Globe: Free from JCPENNYS
10$ off aeropostale.

White long sleeve sweater from Aero.
My tripod still awaits at Maricris' house. lol

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