I LOVE my boyfriend!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I love my boyfriend soo much! He's is the best boyfriend I can ever ask for.

Well it was the day of black friday and after I got ready I went to hang out with my baby. We went to the mall because he wanted to start his Christmas shopping early. He found a few things for his brother and his neice. Afterwards, we were looking for watches because I told him that for Christmas I wanted a watch. So we went to this place at the mall and searched for watches. We found these most perfect gorgeous looking watches! They were Guess watches! I love it. The lady that worked there found us matching watches. They are soo cute! I thank my boyfriend for a wonderful Christmas gift! It is the bestest gift I've ever had! He himself is the over all greatest gift I can ever get! I am soo lucky to have him! All I can say is He's the BEST! And I love the watch he bought me! What a great early Christmas present!
His & Her watches. I LOVE IT!

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