Hello 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

We're almost near the end of January and i'm finally typing up a blog.

Many people thought 2016 was a horrible year, but I thought it was one
of the most memorable and amazing year in a while. 
I took several trips to Tahoe, went to Hawaii twice and also got proposed,
followed by going to Las Vegas with the family and friends. Truly a memorable
year and I hope 2017 will be just as amazing.

This year will be devoted mostly to wedding planning. No more splurging,
or taking several trips to different places. Although I will be going to
Seattle, Washington for the very first time to visit my friend Lorraine with 2 other friends,
super excited for that. Other than that, the only trip I will look forward to
will be our honeymoon and we sort of have an idea of where we want to go,
but we will see how it all plays out. 

So far in 2017 we celebrated my mom's 58th birthday! I was lucky enough to
get the day off and celebrate it with her and some of our close family
members at Dynasty restaurant! I wish her so many more years of health
and happiness! I love my momma!! 

I've been really trying to hit up the gym as often as I can. At least 4x/week.
I've been working on my squats and deadlifts and would like to
slowly progress and transform my body, for the wedding of course,
and to also fit my wedding dress, which came in already,
but I have yet to try it, since it came in too soon, and i have yet
to lose any weight!!
My Fiancé has been hitting the gym with me also,
super proud of him! he's not much of a gym goer, but I hope
I popped his bubble! Consistency is key, I know change doesn't 
come instantly, i've been through this before. 

Flashback to november 2016, my Dad's older brother Uncle Leo passed away..
which make my Dad the oldest living sibling out of all his siblings as of current.
Thanksgiving was a pretty chill one, I didn't cook at all, just garlic mashed potatoes. 
I was on call that day but luckily I didn't get called in. We also had prayers
for 8 days straight at our house after Uncle Leo's Passing, so we celebrated
evening Thanksgiving at my house and the next day was his viewing and funeral.

Christmas was super chill, didn't do much but stay home the majority of the time,
I wasn't feeling the Christmas season partly because I had no money to gift
to people due to my severe traveling that year, it all caught up to me. Christmas
was quiet, had dinner at Manang Cris' house then went to midnight mass with
my parents and fiancé which started at 11pm and ended at 12am.
It was my fiancés' first time attending Christmas Mass with me.

New Years was spend at Junalynn's new home, it was pretty fun!
They know how to throw parties, and that was that,
2016 was over in a blink of an eye.
Now here we are, starting the new year! 

My bro got me some sick wireless beats for x-mas


Mom's Bday 2017

Also baked some Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies from Scratch this year! 

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