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Saturday, November 05, 2016

A lot has happened since my last post here on this blog.
I turned 26 on July 1,

My boyfriend and I (now Fiance) went on our very 
first trip away together just him and I to
Oahu, Hawaii on July 29.

I got engaged during our trip there
at Lanikai beach ;) on July 31st.

In August we went to Las Vegas
with family and friends

Last week, October 22-27
We went on a big family trip
with my mom's side to Oahu, Hawaii.

I've been lacking on updating this blog,
My goal was to continuously update it,
however, I didn't make it happen,
just like the other goals I had in mind.

Anyhoo, I'm more of a visual person
and love seeing pictures, so here are some pictures
from my trip to Hawaii Back in July! 

Friday, July 29, 2016
Our flight to Honolulu, HI was at 9am, so we left here around
0445ish, arrived to Oakland Intl Airport around 0555.
We bought neck pillows then went through security.
I really liked Oakland Airport, the drive isn't too far
from where we live, and it's not complicated to get there.
They started boarding around 0820ish
and enroute to Honolulu, HI!

We got there around 2pm California time,
but it was really 11am Hawaii time.
We got our luggage and went to the rental car area
in the airport.
Our rental car was a Jeep! We loved it!

it was around 1pmish once we got to our hotel.
We stayed at the Outrigger Reef in Waikiki
However, check in wasn't until 3pm, so we had to wait.
In the mean time we just walked around the area,
checked out the beach, got some snack at the 711,
then finally got to go in our room. 
We had very little rest because we were attending 
The Mayjah Rayjah Concernt at the Waikiki Shell
around 4:30pm.

That was such a fun concert, it was a two day concert.
The main artists were King Yellow Man,
Iration and JBoog. 
We actually took a taxi there, but walked back to our hotel
after the concert. It was about a 30 min walk.
We were super exhausted, we were probably almost
up for about 24hours.

Saturday July 30, 2016
For the first half of our day, we headed over to
Waikiki beach to soak up some sun and enjoy the warm
Hawaiian waters. It definitely feels like you're in Hawaii
once you get in the water. 
We swam, sun bathed, rented a little umbrella
with 2 beach chairs.
Then we ate breakfast at the Hula Grill!
It was super yummy there.
We then went back and enjoyed the beach
before we had to go back and get ready for Day 2 of 
the TMR concert.
This time we drove to the concert, which was
probably a smart Idea,
however we did have to pay for parking
since we didn't find any free parking.
We arrived late on since we were mostly looking forward
to the main artists which were Rebel Souljahs and Matisyahu.
Another artist that was really good that day was Spawnbreezie.
I was mostly looking forward to Rebel Souljahs, Love their music!!
Matisyahu, was the closing artist.. it was such a disappointment
we left early.

Afterwards we ate Ramen, at our favorite ramen
restaurant called Ramen Nakumura, I got my usual
Hakata Ramen w. Kimchi Fried rice. 
I can't remember what we did after that.. 

Earlier, on our way back to our hotel from the beach
we got stopped by a person selling timeshare,
we were sold when he said that he would give us a 
good discount on ziplining, we thought, 2 hours of our time
 shouldn't  be a problem, plus we would get free breakfast the next day.

Sunday July 31, 2016
Our original plan on Sunday was to explore the island
however, since we got stuck with getting a discount off our
zip lining activity, we HAD to attend this time share presentation.
it took about 2 1/2 hours of our time, and I was getting very impatient.
The guy was trying so hard to sell us a time share, and when we said no,
he started to give us a nasty attitude.
Although it seemed like a great idea and investment,
since we do plan on traveling more,
we weren't interested.
We were finally out of there by 11ish,
and FINALLY we got to start our day

It was rainy gloomy weather that day,
but that didn't stop us from exploring.
We first headed off to Ono's Seafood where they sell POKE!
Then to Leonard's Bakery to try their
Malasadas, which are portuguese doughnuts!
They were DELICIOUS!! 
Then we wanted to hit up a beach, so I really wanted to
check out Lanikai beach so we headed there.
After we got to the beach, my boyfriend and I
were kind of at it.. but i'm glad we made up very
quickly.. I really didn't want anything 
to ruin this vacation.

It was rainy and gloomy but we still went in the water,
after a few minutes of swimming, we came out of the water to pull out
our phones so we can bring it in the water since we had 
life proof cases on.

While he was looking for his phone I was snap chatting
along.. and notice that he put the go pro in the sand,
but didn't think nothing of it.
He then told me to turn around so he can get 
pictures of me with the 2 little islands they had over there.
To me it seemed like a mini photoshoot. heheh.
Then I turned around snap chatting,
and he goes "I found something on the ground!!"
I got scared and backed away, because i though it was 
a crab, or an insect.. Something!!
That's when he got down on one knee and asked,
"Will you marry me?"
I was in total shock, not expecting anything, I didn't even know
how to respond. I though he was joking?! I just said
"shut up, are u forreals??"
He then asks again, "will you marry me baby?"
Kinda tired of being on his knee, he stood up,
and I finally said yes! HAHAH!
It was nothing like how I pictured it to be,
but it couldn't have been any more perfect!
A girl saw the whole thing ,
and came over and asked if we wanted a picture together,
we were so thankful for her and said yes.
She mentioned that it was beautiful moment,
and also congratulated us.

I was super happy, it was about time.
We took pictures, told our loved ones, made it FB official.
And off we went to enjoy the rest of our day on the island.
We headed to Giovanni's shrimp truck in the NorthShore,
Then went to the Dole Plantation on our way back.
We had fun on the Dole plantation, we got to ride 
the Pineapple express, tried the Dole Whip, Took a lot of pictures
saw different types of pineapples, bought souveniers. We 
even got to choose 2 oysters and got 2 different pearls from it, a black
and white one.
It was such a wonderful day and I wish
I can relive that day over and over again!! 

Monday August 1, 2016
Today we had plans to Scuba Dive.
I found a really good groupon deal for Scuba Diving and
I made an appointment with them for August 1, the day 
we arrived to Hawaii. I believe they were called the Big Kahuna.
Initially, I was super afraid of scuba diving, just being in the deep blue sea,
the unknown, the SHARKS! I got this groupon
all because I wanted to surprise my boyfriend,
since he has been wanting to scuba dive for the longest.

It was a beautiful day that, day, completely opposite of 
the day before. We stopped by MCD to get their Local Breakfast,
Spam eggs and rice, my boyfriend for the Local Deluxe 
which came with Portuguese sausages.
Then, off to the boat to go Scuba Diving.
Greg, he was our instructor, super cool guy
very informative! He made sure we knew how to troubleshoot
underwater, rather than trying to swim back up then go back down
because it would be tiring to do that. We also went over certain
Sign languages under the water so that we would be able to communicate.

I was super nervous, I have a hard time breathing through my mouth
only since i'm more of a nose breather. However it all went super well!
I enjoyed it and it was another highlight of my trip.
Scuba Diving was such a great experience! It felt like you
were in a whole different world, the ocean was so bright and clear down there,
we saw a bunch of sea turtles even a family of sea turtles.
I was so mesmerized by them, we weren't able to touch them
because it's a fine in Hawaii if we did, since they're sacred animals
to the Hawaiians. I loved the overall experience!! 

After scuba diving, we drove up to a scenic route of the coast,
took pictures and videos, and drove up more to see the blow hole
and Sandy's Beach from afar. 
We then drove back to find a walmart to buy Hawaiian Chocolates
for the family back at home. It's much cheaper at Walmart.

We were super hungry after our Scuba Activity so we decided to eat a Dukes.
Before that, we went to the Apple store on our way there to buy
a External CD/DISC thing, since my laptop didn't have one,
and we used Greg's Go Pro for Scuba Diving so he burned all
the files in a disc. We wanted to review the videos and pictures ASAP
so that's why i got it! 

Dukes was pretty good,
afterwards we went on the beach before sunset
and just tanned. 

Tuesday August 2, 2016

It was our last full day in Hawaii,
Our activity for today was Ziplining at Keana Farms at the NorthShore around 1pm.
Before that we went to the beach in the morning,
then bought some food at the ABC store,
and headed to the NorthShore around 11ish.
We made it there right on time,
the traffic is really slow in hawaii, and with the speed limit
only being in the 50s, a 20 mile drive can turn into 45mins-1hr. 
It was also our first time Ziplining! It was super fun!! 
After Ziplining I wanted to go to LaniKai beach again,
since It was a prettier day..
However it was later on in the day, and we got there
around 4pmish, and It was super windy there. 
We sunbathed and I got in the water and back 
to Waikiki we went!
Can't remember what we did that night
but we made sure everything was packed
and ready to go for our trip back home tomorrow.

Wednesday August 3, 2016
We woke up super early to watch the sunrise and enjoy the beach
before we left to the airport. It was such a sad moment
when we had to leave, but I enjoyed every bit of our time! 

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