Our 10 Year Anniversary. *picture heavy*

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Wow, a decade already with this handsome guy?
I cannot believe how long it has been
and I wouldn't wanna share this moment with anyone else but him.
It's been such a crazy 10 years, especially the first half of our relationship, 
but we definitely go through it and our relationship is now stronger than ever!

For our anniversary, he made reservations to Ruth's Chris Steak House in Roseville.
We got to Roseville about 3 hours earlier and killed time walking around the whole mall.
There was a store that both caught our eye and it was a candy store called
Lolli and Pops. It's a cute vintage looking candy store and the workers were
also dressed vintage "candy shop worker" clothing. If that made any sense!
They had a variety of old school candies and drinks but we came there
for the gummy candies where you can pick and choose which ones you want.

Before going in to mall, there was this Churro Stand right outside of the entrance
where a man sold Gourmet Churros for $2.50.
He makes them fresh, right in front of you and there's also a choice of 2 fillings,
cream and caramel filling.
Let me tell you.. those churros has got to be the most best tasting churro's
of my life!! They were thick churchy in the outside with a soft center!!
It was absolutely delicious. Of course, after our dinner from Ruth Chris's, 
We had to check if he was still there because I wanted another one! 

5:30 finally hit and my boyfriend and I were both Starving. We had reservations at 6, so we thought 
we'd go into Ruth's Chris a bit early since we didn't know what else to do in the mall.
The workers were very nice and informative. Definitely great customer service!
They greeted us with a Happy Anniversary and also had red rose petals on our table.
How romantic! :) 
It was a dim, nice, relaxing atmosphere, our server was also very wonderful.

They started us off with some freshly baked bread and water,
you could choose the type of water but we got simple filtered water.
Next we ordered some appetizers which were both delicious, especially the one 
our server recommended, which was the bbq shrimp!
We also got the blue crab cakes which were scrumptious as well.

They then served us with our salad, we got the chopped salad,
but there were also other varieties. Finally our steaks came out, sizzling from our plates!
Let me tell you, the steaks were absolutely delicious! The meat just melts on your mouth!
We also chose a side of mashed potatoes. 
When our main course arrived, the manager of the restaurant came out and greeted us
with a Happy Anniversary and made sure we were doing okay.
Now that's quality service right there!!

That place was truly amazing, I want to go there more often..
but you do pay for what you get.
Steaks were about $48-68 !
You pay for quality and I am not complaining at all! 

It was a great relaxing night, just how we both like it!

I'm truly blessed for a wonderful guy like him
and I cannot wait for what the near future holds for us.

To a decade and counting babe! 
I love you.


He also went behind my back and purchased me these sunglasses
from Guess at the mall :)

The evolution of Us, since 2005

This year we didn't take the typical studio pictures.
I had my boyfriend's sister take outdoor pictures of us with my camera.
It's much cheaper and you can take as many poses as you want.
The only downside of that day was that it was freezing cold, and I was wearing a dress
and heels and we started kinda late so the sun was setting quickly.

9 years together

The 10th year together

Love Never Felt So Good 

Let's see what the future holds for us in 2015

My lover, soulmate and best friend 

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