Updated Skin Care Routine Using PocketDerm - 2 1/2 Week Progress

Friday, November 28, 2014

I've been struggling with Acne since the 4th grade, i'm not kidding you.
I've tried many things on the market, such as Proactiv, Murad, Clinique,
various topical prescriptions from the dermatologist and none of these have really
completely kept my acne away.  

The Acne.org regimen was one of the medications that helped me
get clear when I was in college. It was basically all in the power
of 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. I've used this product for over 4+ years.
I was very consistent with it during the first 3 years and It truly helped cleared my skin.
However, the past year I've been getting too lazy with this regimen.
Overtime your skin gets use to the benzoyl peroxide which means you have to
constantly keep adding more pumps and layers of benzoyl on your face.
That means I would have to wait for my face to dry for a longer period of time.
That was a no-go for me since I do work now and all I want to do at the end of the night
is wash my face and go to sleep.
Ain't no body got time for that!

So, since i've been skipping out on the regimen on most days, I began breaking out more.
I've been getting cystic acne throughout my jawline and chin and sometimes
on my cheeks. This mainly has to do with hormonal imbalance.
They would be large and painful with no whitehead.
I decided I wanted to try something new that would be easy
and less time consuming.

I was watching stillGLAMORUS 's Youtube Video About PocketDerm
and how it really helped out her skin. I mainly subscribed to her because of 
her acne and makeup videos and she's gorgeous!
She made a video on pocketderm and how it helped her skin.
After watching that video I hopped on the site and signed up for it!

PocketDerm is like your very own Online Dermatologist!

Signing up is pretty simple and straight forward. 
You make an account and put all your info on there.
It also asks for a credit card in order for you to finish the
account setup. However the first month IS FREE, so it doesn't
charge your card right away until the next month. 
Don't be afraid because you can cancel it whenever you want.
Also, it asks you to take three pictures of your skin, the side views and front views.
You can take however much you'd like and upload them for your
 dermatologist to see.
Then you are assigned a dermatologist.
He or She will determine what type of medication to prescribe you.
They not only prescribe topical treatment but also Oral medications
which they can write a prescription and send it straight to your pharmacy
which is pretty AWESOME!

They also treat Anti-Aging skin as well!

Then you basically get to message your dermatologist about your skin 
problems. I gave her a little background about my skin and the types
of medication I've used in the past and what works and what didn't.
She got back to me within a full day.
And that's when she told me what formulation of medication
she was going to give me.

My formulation consisted of Tretinoin .018%, Clindamycin, and Azelaic Acid.
She then explained what each of these medications did.
She also wanted to prescribe me an Oral acne medication called Spironolactone.
I typically do not like take oral pills, so I decided to stick with the topical treatment.
They're very informative and answer all your questions.
You also get emails about tips and instructions of how to use the product
and facial wash/cleanser recommendations.
It's a pretty legit site and I would recommend it to anyone.

My skin has gotten a lot better within the two weeks I've used it.

My nightly skincare routine goes a little something like this.
I wash my face with a gentle Cleanser,
My all time drugstore cleanser is the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Skin Cleanser
But I ran out of that and wanted to try something different,
So I tried the more pricier brands Philosophy Purity One Step Cleanser

After cleanser, when I'm not too lazy I apply the Rose Water Hydrating Toner
by Poppy Austin Which I got from Amazon.com . It's pretty expensive, but
it's good quality and works well with my skin.

Then, I wait 5-10minutes before applying the PocketDerm Treatment.

In addition, Twice a week, I would use the Peter Thomas Roth 3% Glycolic Acid Face wash
During this routine, I DO NOT apply the PocketDerm treatment after, since I don't want 
to over irritate my skin.

Here's a link to PocketDerm if you're interested in trying it.

I do get $10 back as credit for inviting people.
If your don't feel comfortable using my link,
just simply go to pocketderm.com :)

There goes my updated skin care routine and so far it's been helping quite a bit!
I'll keep you guys updated to see how everything is going with before and after pictures! 

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