Fitness update

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lately i've lost motivation in working out.
My goal was to lose some weight before Hawaii,
but that ended up being a fail. LOL.
 I would tell myself I would workout after work since I get off
around 3pm. I even wear my workout clothes to work so I can drive straight
to the gym. However, on most days, I end up not going because I feel too tired
or I have an errand to run, and I hate going to the gym during peak hours.

After a couple of months of being inconsistent with working out,
I forced myself this week to wake up earlier and workout BEFORE work.
I start work around 6:30am.. So on Monday I woke up at 3:40am.
It gives me at least an hour and a half to workout, and go home and get ready.

I thought waking up that early would be extremely hard, but it really wasn't
I even woke up before my alarm. Of course i still felt tired,
but before I left to the gym, I took my pre-workout drink which really 
helps a lot.
I start by doing weights, then 30 mins of cardio at the end.

It was a success, I did this for 5 days straight and I love it!
They gym is empty which is a BIG FAT PLUS!
It encourages me to go this early each time. 
Also, My workout is out of the way and done so I don't have to
worry about it later on in the day, AND I have extra time do things
after work.

Overall it worked well and I will try and keep this up.

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