Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas this year came really quick!
I was fortunate enough to get both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off!
For Christmas Eve, my family and I went to my cousin's house 
to celebrate. Originally we were suppose to have it elsewhere,
but that cancelled.
My boyfriend left that day with his siblings to spend Christmas
with his family in Fresno.
I was a bit sad, but it was all good, because he was spending time with his family.

Earlier that morning I went to the doctors because my cough for over
a month wasn't going away.
So before heading to my cousin's house my parents and I
went to pick up my prescription and boy did that take a while. 

Christmas Eve at my cousin's house was fun.
Great food! Especially my uncles kabobs! 
Got to watch others play white elephant.
Later played on just dance!
We spent about 2 hours there, and headed
to church for Christmas Mass.
We went to mass an hour and a half early just because
we knew it was going to be jam packed!! 
Afterwards just headed home,
Took my medicine and knocked out.

The next day we spent Christmas day at my Aunt's house
My uncle and Aunt from San Jose were also coming over.
Spent a couple of hours there,
then went back home because I had work the next day.

Christmas was a bit different this year,
There were a lot of christmas parties going on
but we mainly spent it with my dad's side.
Usually it would all be combined in one house.
It was a great Christmas.
I'm blessed for being healthy, being with family, having a loving boyfriend,
and having a job this Christmas.

I got my parent's iphones for their christmas gifts with my own money.
That felt amazing.

Also, earlier on Christmas Eve,
a lady in front of us at the starbucks drive thru
put $5 on our purchase.
Truly sweet of her!

Christmas Day

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