SNEAK PEAK- Graduation Photos

Thursday, May 02, 2013

I had my pinning in December, which meant that I graduated
in December. However, my school only has one graduation ceremony
a year, which is in MAY. Since I graduated in the Fall, I would have to wait 5 months
later to actually WALK with a cap and gown.
Some people in my cohort doesn't think it's necessary, but 
I want to have that feeling of walking with a cap and gown,
getting my diploma (even though I already received it in the mail) and have
Leis piled up passed my eyes LOL! I just really want it to feel like I really graduated,
with all of my family there!

I just want to be acknowledged for my accomplishments.
It ain't legit until you have cap and gown on nawmsayin? lol.
It's just such a relief that i'm done studying for my NCLEX and passed.
All I need now is a job.

anyhoo.. I told my boyfriend to take some photos of me with my
cap and gown, so that I can print them out and send pictures
along with my commencement and graduation party invitations.

Here's a sample. I added the "Veasna Sey Photography" just for fun. ha ha ha. 


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