What are your favorite jeans?

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Back when I was skinnier, my highschool freshman yr of college days, 
I would always get American Eagle Jeans. Then my older cousin bought me
a pair of 7 for all mankind and joes jeans, and bam I was all over designer jeans.
They were too expensive though.. Then I gained weight, couldn't fit into my expensive jeans
and started buying AE jeans. The picture below is a picture of some of my
expensive designer jeans size 26, that I can't fit into,
but my goal is to lose weight so that I can.
I don't want them going to waste knowing how expensive they are!


AE JEANS! they're so comfortable and most importantly they were on sale! :D
Got a few pairs since winter will be around the corner.
I got the style Skinny, Straight, Slim boot, and 1 jegging (but it was in my drawer).
As you can tell, I favor straight legged jeans the most. It's not too skinny
in the bottom, nor too wide, it's perfect for my frame.
their jeggings were comfortable, but it just didn't look right on me.
It made me look out of proportion.
My thighs are really big and it made me look very thick..
Hopefully as I start losing weight they'll look better on me.

I've also updated my fitness blog!: Click to check it out! 


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