Friday Workout

Sunday, August 19, 2012

On Friday we made it a rest day for tapout xt. But instead of resting, I went on the treadmill ran one mile and walked the rest. Afterwards I did Insanity Pure Cardio. I needed to get my workout in.. lol.
Here's an overall summary of the calories burned and max and avg HR. I really love my POLAR FT7.


All together on Friday's workout I burned 489 calories. Not too bad. I need to work on running. I really don't like running on a treadmill.. it's super boring. I'd rather run outside, but I wake up too late. Savoring my sleep before I start school again in September. 

POLAR FT7 HR MONITOR WATCH!! I love this watch! It comes with a chest strap and a watch. At first I thought the chest strap would feel annoying when I work out but I hardly feel it at all. This watch seems so much more legit than my other 20 dollar HR monitor watch. which didn't have a chest strap and I didn't get to input my weight height and age which made the calories burned numbers inaccurate. 
What I love about monitoring my heart rate is that I can push myself to increase my HR, because the harder you push yourself and the higher your HR the more calories you burn. To find out your max HR do this calculation (220-age). that will give you your max Heart rate. 
But seriously, without knowing what my heart rate actually is, I would think i've reached my maximum heart  rate, but really it's only in the 150's. It wasn't until I had this hr monitor to know what 180s feel like, and it literally feels intense!! I really love this because I can push myself a little harder knowing what my MAX HR is.

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