Dinair Airbrush Makeup

Thursday, August 04, 2011

I finally got my hands on the Dinair Airbrush system!
Thanks to Kandee Johnson for giving everyone a heads up about it,
I only have to pay 6 low payments of $33.
Way better than paying full price in the spot.

I love it better than temptu.
The finish is matte, and since I have oily skin
That's a plus for me.
With temptu, the finish is a bit dewy..
And I get oily really quick like within an hour
of applying it.

The coverage is awesome!!
I didn't even need concealer, just the airbrush makeup itself.

The downside well not really, but it's time a bit time consuming
is cleaning the airbrush system.
After use, (I watched the dvd for this) I use cleaner and water to clean
everything out.
It kinda take a while for every single makeup residue to spray out of 
the airbrush.
But other than that, Love the coverage! FLAWLESS FINISH!


and it came with all of this 


With Dinar Airbrush:

With the rest of my makeup:

ahh thank god for makeup. lol!

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