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Friday, May 20, 2011

I've been wanting to buy the Essie nail polishes for quite sometime.
But they seemed rather expensive for nail polish.
I mean don't get me wrong I own some OPI polishes and all that
and they are expensive as well, but that was back in the day when I had money to
get nail polishes like that.
Now i'm sorta on a budget.. and I just want to try and save my money.
However, I went on a lil splurge a few days ago. lol.
So i bought my first Essie nail polish, which was trophy wife..
I originally was carrying 3 different colors, but I was like..
man this is expensive buying 3 nail polishes $8 a piece.
So i told myself, I can slowly build, i don't need to get it all at once.
This was at CVS.. I also got 2 revlon lipsticks because they were having 
a buy 1 get on half off deal. 

The second Essie polish I got was Lilacism. Cute color.
Then I got a polish from Orly called gum drop, and NYC sidewalkers.
I got all these at Target.. and also bought a belt.
I've been wanting to buy belts.. but again i was hesitant.. because of the prices..
I wanted a sturdy belt.. the ones from forever 21 seem flimsy.
I saw this braided brown belt I really liked but it was $17.
I figured for the price, it was pretty good quality.. so I just bought it.

Here's a drugstore haul.

Berry Mauve, and Sky Pink




Here's lilacism.. I will take photos of the others once i wear em

My Merona belt from target

Here's Essie Trophy Wife, the first color i bought.
yeah yeah.. i suck at applying polish.. esp with my LEFT hand.

Essie Trophy wife over OPI black Shatter

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