Being Social With Cheska!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Cheska has been keeping me company..
i've been bored and she's been there to keep me company
Sunday, we headed to JCP where they had a sephora and got a few
things for ourselves! 
I got brushes, atomizer, and some Tarte primer and mascara
She got NARS concealer and 2 brushes.
Then we headed to Startbucks!
2 hot white chocolate mocha's!
and 2 Birthday cake pops! YUM!
Then We headed to target just to kill time.
I got 2 rompers and a belt!
After we went to Ross, because I wanted some new
Sandals for the summer..
But there weren't any cute ones.
We also tried on some fitness pants..
but we only tried on one pair because it STUNK SO BAD IN THERE!!
Smelled worse than a restroom! It was nasty!
We couldn't stand the smell!! so we jetted outta there!





on another note,
Check out this large MAT my brother placed in our living room!
LOL i guess it's for his jiu jitsu passion..

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