Jalapeno Burger

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My boyfriend and I call this OUR burger. lol. We made this burger last Saturday I think, and I'm just not getting it on my blog.
We used Ground beef. normally i would used ground turkey, but why not beef today. lol
then we mixed it with chopped garlic and chopped onion, 
along with some spices: garlic powder, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, emerald seasoning. 
then throw it on the george formal grill and watch the fat slide off. lol
Then we had some pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and some jalapeno.
Then smacked it on some whole wheat burger buns
We got a back of criscut fries in the freezer department of target. those were pretty good too
Along with the meal we had some italian salad with italian dressing and italian croutons. lol!
yumm.. im making myself hungry right now. but yeah it's 4am in the morning.. can't be eating this late.. or this EARLY.

Why am I up this late? I was updating my ipod and making a workout playlist. I have a ton of music saved onto my external hard drive so I was digging through that for a long while. Then I also downloaded the updated version of photoshop, which is CS5. I just wanted to see how it was since I had CS3 for a while. and now i'm here blogging, about to share the photo's I've taken with you all!


check out the fatty juices. can someone say artery clogger? lol.


eeks! been messing with the white balance.. i'm still learning..






yuck. not diggin this pic at all. lol. I was excited to eat. who cares about what the picture would look like.

Pictures from this weekend..

The weather this weekend has been ugly.
Rain high winds.. eww. yuck.
But being with my boyfriend brings sunshine into any gloomy weather :D
he hates it when I take random pictures of him.

Just messing with my camera and the settings..
i've been into food and photography blogs lately.
I feel that blogs are more entertaining than youtube.. well as of right now.
I'm trying to get better at my photography so inspiration and advice from
other bloggers can help me a lot.


Who loves thin mints say I!
I found a recipe for making these babies.
i will definitely try them soon.
Since i'll be too impatient to wait the next year for these suckers.

Does anyone know why boys keep the stickers on their hats?
to keep it new?

The bag i got from target.
I love target bags! they're the bestest!
i like the floral design in the inside. really cute.

Udon Noodles

This walgreen drive thru takes forever!

Krispy Kreme. yes i know terribly unhealthy.
so cute how they put a happy face though!



I bought these 2 books yesterday from Barns and noble

a picture of my stacked post-its!
i use them as book marks on my text books. lol!

PS: Pardon the typos. It's been a long day. lol

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