Sephora/Ulta Haul

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I went to my local Sephora to check and see if they had the Versace Bright Crystal perfume, but they didn't. So instead I was just roaming around and bought a few items.


Found this product near the cashier and it was $10. Thought I would try a smaller size to see how I like it. What caught me was that it says it was an ANTI-ACNE treatment type primer.

This is the travel size one. The full size is $23. Again, just bought the smaller size to test it out. I can always get a bigger size later. But I heard really great things about this dry shampoo. For ONE, IT DOESN'T LEAVE ANY WHITE RESIDUE! so it says... i'm going to have to try it out and tell you all my initial review on this.
I've been trying to find a good dry shampoo.. the other ones i've tried left my hair looking ashy or flakey.. it was just a big no no. Also, my hair tends to get oily by the end of the day.. which suck!!! Hopefully this will be a life saver! 

Sephora Face Brush $5
I wanted to try this out for exfoliation.
My acne medicine has been making my skin really dry and flaky in some areas which is really annoying!! It looks absolutely horrible under foundation. 

Sephora Brush cleanser: $6
bought this for on-the-go brush cleanser.
I bring necessary makeup items with me to my apartment every week and come home every weekend. Just thought this might help me disinfect my brushes in between each use.

Evian Spray $12
I just love to give my face a little mist when patches on my skin begin to appear.

Sephora 17 liner brush $11
i am loving the fine tip liner brushes to apply my gel liner.
it's much better than applying it with an angled brush!!


Toki Doki travel comb & mirror $5
I got this because it was on sale, and I needed a brush in my purse. it's also cute



Rosebud Salve $6
Saw this near the cashier and just wanted to get it because of the multiple use of it.



Since I couldn't find Versace Bright Crystal at my local Sephora, I headed over to Ulta and they had it there
$50 for the smallest bottle. so expensive! But I love the smell!

I got Cervae Moisturizers from Walgreen.
I'm really irritated by the flakes and dry patches on my skin due to my acne medication.
It looks gross underneath my make up. I was reading through forums on
and many people who had the flakey skin problems tried this and helped for them.
So I will be giving it a try as well.

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