Little Fockers

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

We had a pretty chill anniversary.
We ate at BJ's.. didn't really finish our food because we got stuffed quick. I ordered the scampi pasta, while my boyfriend ordered the NY steak. Their baked potatoes there are just enormous! It's like as big as my head.. well not really, but it's really big. Afterwards we had time to catch a movie. We watched Little Fockers. There's a reason why my boyfriend chose that movie instead of all the other ones. It's because when we first had our little date together, we watched Meet the Fockers. So it was pretty cool that little fockers came out around the same time we first dated too. It was a pretty funny movie. We had other plans for that day, but this museum we were going to go to was close.. and the weather was just really really cold. I really don't like really really cold cloudy weather.. it's ugly. oh and rainy weather too.. It'd be much nicer if the sun was out and it was cold. but ehh.. what do you expect on January...

What kilt my mood today was getting shitted on by a damn freakin bird! OMFG!! I guess it all happened when we came out from best buy, i had the receipt in my hand and I guess the bird shitted on the collar of my jacket and on the receipt. But I didn't know so I ended up putting the receipt in my bag (with all the poop on it!) Then when we went in the car, i was digging through my phone and i felt squishy brown stuff on my fingers.. I was just like wtf is this mud? I sorta had a feeling it was bird shit, but I wanted to check when I got home. I dumped my whole bag and found brown with white stuff on it. And I saw the fucking white poopy on my jacket!! damn i was so disgusted!!!! I disinfected everything from my bag and cleaned it up! :( my mom dad and boyfriend were just laughing at me. They say it's good luck if a bird poops on you, but I thought it was karma for a moment. ewww.. talking about it makes me want to vomit.

6 years.. we've changed a lot over the pass 6 years. Our attitude our style.. our WEIGHT. lol!! We've been through soo much..... sooo soo much.. y'all don't even know. But despite everything, I wouldn't regret anything at all. I'm blessed and thankful to have found a loving partner like my boyfriend, and I hope our relationship will last a lifetime.. yeah yeah.. some couples don't like predicting the future for eachother because you never know what the future holds, but I really look forward to spending my whole life with him. Corny ehh? But it's the damn truth. Even though i've only known him for 6 years, he knows me more than anyone i've ever known. He's truly my bestfriend. 

A lot of people think we're such a perfect couple, but no couple is perfect. 
We have arguments here and there.. but who doesn't? lol.
I love him so so much. I'm so glad we found each other.




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