Lack of update

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sorry for the lack of update to those who actually keep up with my blog.. LOL.. I don't think many people do.. but, I'm done with school for now, and i'm on Winter vacation. The physio final I took on Friday wasn't too bad. I was done within 45mins and they gave us 3 hours to do it. What a relief. i'm now back at home, enjoyed my weekend for a bit and packed for the Philippines.

Were leaving to SFO tomorrow and heading to the Philippines for my cousins' wedding. Can't wait to snap pictures and memories and post it on my blog. i'll also be tagging along my GHD straightener. This will give me time to actually use it and see how i like it or dislike it compared to the straightener I have now. 

But yea, going to leave tomorrow!! I'mma miss my boyfriend of course!

P.S WE GOT A CHRISTMAS TREE! My dad bought one this morning before we went to church! smells super duper good in this house! going to decorate it with my boyfriend tomorrow before we leave. 

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