It's not your winter break yet!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Darn, i'm all chillen, relaxin, lounging around like it's the thing to do. Most of my finals consists of papers and presentations, so I got that all out of the way last week because I didn't want to attend class this week. But I do have one final left, PHYSIO! I've been home this whole week, I didn't want to go back to my apartment until Thursday because I would have nothing to do there. Also, i'm a lot closer to my boyfriend here at home :D.

Yea, I seriously need to hit the books.. probably later on tonight. I wanna get some Starbucks right now. That'll probably help me stay up.

I've been so irritated today because I went to my Orthodontist at 8am, and I guess they put this botton wire in the inner part of my teeth so it can push this one tooth out and it hurts soo much! ughh.. I wanna eat!!! I'll probably stop by this chinese restaurant and get their wonton soup. Sounds pretty good.

Also, after my ortho appointment which ended like around 8:20, I picked up my friend Cheska and we bought supplies and ingredients to make green papaya salad. or in Cambodian it's boklahong, or in thai, Som Tam. i'll post pictures later.

welps, finally my boyfriend is done getting ready!! Gonna get him now. bye!

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