Onyx hair color

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I was tired of constantly getting my roots touched up like every month.. so I went back to something that was similar to my natural hair color. Onyx.. it black, but with a hint of blue in the light. I did the process buy myself and bought all the products i needed from sallys. I must say doing it by myself and with the dye being in a liquid form was rather messy! I got it everywhere from the walls to the carpet even my arm! lol! oh well it was cheaper than getting it done in the salon.. The color turned out pretty good. I can see the hints of blue, but for some reason when i try to take a picture of it, the camera won't pick it up. weird..

here's what i bought from sallys:

The ion daily deep conditioning. I bought two, one for my house the other for my apartment.
the bigger one is $15 while the smaller one is $11. I tried this conditioner in the summer when i first dyed my hair and it made my hair extremely soft as if I didn't dye my hair. So I will definitely be using this product again b/c i've been getting my hair dyed a lot.
2 Loreal onyx sheen hair dye: $5 each
Salon Care volume 10 developer: i dont remember the price but it was pretty cheap.
Ion color brilliance pre color treatment: $5. I got this because it says it helps even out the color from root to ends.
Orly nail lacquer Prince Charming: idk the price. lol! wow, i'm not help at all.

also for spending over $40, a free mini flat iron was included.




can't really see the blue tint




Later on that day, my parents boyfriend, brother n his girlfriend, went to Red Hawk Casino to eat at their buffet. They have a great variety of food. My favorite part was the dessert area. lol. unfortunately to play in the casino, you had to be 21. I'm still 20, and my bro's gf is younger than 21 too.. my boyfriend is over 21 but decided not to gamble so he stayed with me :D. It's pretty boring not being able to gamble and all that. There was an arcade but that was filled with kids.. we won a few tickets to buy ourselves some candy and those finger trapper things. lol. then we migrated upstairs to the casino area because I needed to pee and we ran into my brother who was done playing. We then had to wait for my parents to we decided to check out the giftshop. After a few minutes later my parents were done and we were on our way home. Im thankful my parents aren't one of the people who spend their whole entire night and day at the casino. they only played for an hour and a half and they're not much of a gambler. here are some pictures..

The lazy way of holding hands, that thing was cheap.. it ripped lol.

Pretty feather glass

Me smelling the fake leaves lol.


look at my super model! lol!


my face looks extremely chubby here

waiting for the elevator. lol my bf is wandering around.





cancer sticks.. I hate the smell of cigarettes! it gives me a headache.


boyfriend told me to take a pic of it

my wonderful parents!

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