Saturday, November 20, 2010

I've been loving these round foundation brushes! They're amazing to me! The first one I tried out came with my Lancome Holiday brush set, and I was on a search to find other ones. I came across a Stila on and a Japonesque one from ULTA!! This brush blends foundation so easily.. I adore it!

These are my brush haul from ULTA
2 Japonesque brushes, and a Stila Brush



Lancome on the left, Japonesque in the middle, Stila on the right.
Lancome Holiday Minerale brush set: $59.00
Japonesque travel point brush $28
Stila One step complexion brush: $33


Left: Stila, Japonesque, Lancome


I love how the Lancome and Japonesque brush are travel sizes. I bring brushes back and for from home to my apartment and carrying around brushes that are full size take up too much space in my makeup bag. The japonesque brush is a bit smaller than the Lancome one. All work effectively and are the same.

I bought a travel size angeled brush because my travel sized mac brush from on of the holiday collections isn't that great. the bristles feel like they're poking my eyelid and it hurts! It also isn't thin, the brush looks dense.

Japonesque angeled liner brush:$11

The japoneseque brush makes awesome lines, but the bristles still kind of hurt. But not as bad as the Mac one.

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