Makeup Relieves Stress

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I had to come back home today for a darn PPD test.. it's my 3rd one. For the nursing school i'm going to transfer to they require us to take a 2 step PPD test, which is taking 2 PPD test within 1-3 weeks. I think I explained this in an older post. Well I came for my 3rd one.. since the first one didn't count since it was after the three weeks. It seems like all this month I've been getting poked by needles!! And I really hate needles, but I have to suck it up and put up with every single one. In physio, we had to poke ourselves with a sterile lancelet to figure out what blood type we had and things like that.. Darn needles.. you can never escape them if your in the nursing profession.

I came home, and boy was it so relaxing to be home. I didn't lay a foot on my bed tho, because If I did, I knew I'd knock the hell out!! My bed is just too comfortable like that for me. My brother picked up some Manny's Fried chicken and we ate that. I also popped some Chocolate chip cookies in the oven, and my brother didn't want them burnt, because i'm known for burning cookies or over cooking them. So he was on watch, like every single minute! He was babysitting them! lol! I just rely on the time it says on the directions, but he like taking them out when their still soft and just went they turn golden brown. So he checked again and rushed to take them out! LOL! we were also taking about the heart since he's taking anatomy and i'm taking physio. We're basically learning about the same thing.

I got bored at home.. my boyfriend was busy.. so i went to Macy's to pick up some Estee Lauder foundation and things like that. I truly love their products on my face. doesn't break me out at all. I'll have a separate post of those products.

I came home.. and tried on my foundation and just put on makeup. I put on a Red lip, the lipstick was Russian Red from Mac and underneath that is Revlon red lipliner. I swear.. Put sitting there putting on my makeup, feeling beautiful just relieves a whole lot of my stress. It can also bring out your creativity, and i'm always learning each day about makeup.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Estee Lauder  Double Matte Powder
FYE Blossom Blush in Summer Berry

Physicians Formula Gel Liner
YSL Faux cils Mascara
Grain E/s
NARS Laguna Bronzer on the eye socket.

Revlon color stay lipliner.. I forget the color.. but it was a bright red one
Russian Red Lipstick from MAC

Bare lips..


If you cant tell, I added a faint black line poking out of my lower lash line. I got this Idea from Kandee Johnson, when she was doing the Marylin Monroe look. It's an illusion of the shadow of ur lashes. hehehe


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